The Top 2019 Democratic Countries

The democracy in the nations where fundamental civil and political freedoms are not only respected but also reinforced with a political culture that encourages growth and respect for democratic principles. These nations have a valid system of government checks and balances, an independent judiciary whose decisions are enforced, well-functioning governments, and a variety of independent media. The next list of countries are the top 10 democratic nations in the world in 2019:

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Photo by Zinneke

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital, is a city of green spaces and museums. Preserved 9th-century Viking ships are displayed at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. Bergen, with colorful wooden houses, is the starting point for cruises to the dramatic Sognefjord. Norway is also known for fishing, hiking, and skiing, notably at Lillehammer’s Olympic resort.

Location: Europe

Population: 5.433 million (2019)

Democratic Ranking: 98.70%

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