Are People In Democracies Healthier?

There is a link between good health and political freedom. A study in 2015 shows that countries with the highest democratic index show a reduction in infant mortality.

Posted  updated 2 years ago

The following table shows the infant mortality of each country compared to its Democracy Score, for the year 2015.

In this table, if we look at the democratic index of each country and the percentage of infant mortality we can realize that democracies with a score of 7 or more often enjoy infant mortality rates below 1% or even 0.5% per 100 habitants. On the contrary, we see that few autocratic countries enjoy infant mortality rates below 1% per 100 habitants.

For example, countries with a democratic index of 10, such as Iceland and Slovenia enjoy 0.21% infant mortality per 100 habitants, vs. Somalia, with a democratic index of 5, has 12.72% infant mortality for every 100 habitants.

It is important to mention that here we have only considered infant mortality, but a broader analysis of country health outcomes would also show that, more generally, good health is related to political freedom.

Credits: Main photo by Josh Willink

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